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CoopWorks is a two-month entrepreneurship program for early-stage team startups in the field of platform cooperatives. We provide co-ops know-how, coaching, mentoring and an active online community working in cooperatives and inclusive digitalization.

We support teams to launch their Platform Cooperative startup with the ultimate goal to create resilient jobs and shape the Future of Work towards a regenerative economy in Europe.

Join our CoopWorks programme and innovate in the way businesses are running while creating better quality of jobs and shared wealth, protecting workers labor rights and at the same time creating positive social and environmental impact tackling climate change effects.

For the first cohort, starting in October 2020, we are looking for entrepreneurship teams, or individuals that have access to a network of cooperatives with a Platform Cooperative idea.

Our online two-month programme is free of charge and it is run in English.

What we offer

Inspiring online business programme focuses on Platform Cooperative on sustainable areas

Access to our network of coaches and mentors

Peer-to-peer learning from a community of Platform Cooperative startups in Europe

Access to the largest global movement of cooperatives and inclusive digitalization


The period for the submission of applications will begin on 18. September 2020 and end at 00:00 CEST on 5. October 2020.

The tentative calendar is as follows:

18 Sept

Open call for applications

12 Oct

Extended close call for applications

15 Oct

Pitch day for shortlisted applicants

19 Oct

Announce selection of start-ups

21 Oct

Programme kick-off

11 Dec

Graduation Ceremony

Entrepreneurship Programme

Business & Cooperative

Eligibility criteria

CoopWorks Europe Entrepreneurship Programme eligibility criteria is:

Get ready for your application

  1.  Keep in mind that your idea is or can turn into a digital platform
  2. Your platform idea is related to sustainable areas
  3. You are building a startup based on a cooperative business model
  4. Get ready an attractive pitch deck in English (no more than 15 slides)
  5. Fill out the Application form in English


More Information

General definitions:

What is a platform? A platform is an app or website used by individuals or groups to connect to one another or to organise services.

What is a cooperative? It is an autonomous association of persons united through a jointly-owned and democratically-managed enterprise.

About cooperative principles:

Platform co-ops are based on principles including: Broad-based ownership of the platform, in which workers control the technological features, production processes, algorithms, data, and job structures of the online platform; Democratic governance, in which all stakeholders who own the platform collectively govern the platform; Co-design of the platform, in which all stakeholders are included in the design and creation of the platform ensuring that software grows out of their needs, capacities, and aspirations; An aspiration to open source development and open data, in which new platform co-ops can lay the algorithmic foundations for other co-ops. Hence, it has the capacity to offer resilient and dignified jobs in the face of economic crisis and unexpected events, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Platform co-ops are an alternative to venture capital-funded and centralized platforms, putting stakeholders before shareholders. It creates fair and dignified working conditions for users and workers, offering profits for the many, not the few. New platform co-ops are emerging every day, organizing in diverse sectors, such as urban recycling, circular economy among others.


You have a digital business idea in a sustainable area, such as circular economy, local value chains, climate resilience, among others;

Social impact

You want to create resilient jobs and tackle a societal problem;

Coop  focus

You have a team ‘preferably’ that is part of, or wants to be part of a cooperative; OR you are an entrepreneur, who has access to a cooperative network;

Market Scalability

Your business idea is scalable to largest markets and your business model will have the potential to turn your startup into growth;

Europe focus

You and your team are based in Europe.

Idea stage

Your business idea has a basic prototype ‘preferably’, OR it is in its conceptual phase ready for prototyping;

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