Launch your platform cooperative startup

Creating resilient jobs in Europe.


CoopWorks is a two-month entrepreneurship program for early-stage team startups in the field of platform cooperatives. We provide co-ops know-how, coaching, mentoring and an active online community working in cooperatives and inclusive digitalization.

We support teams to launch their Platform Cooperative startup with the ultimate goal to create resilient jobs and shape the Future of Work towards a regenerative economy in Europe.

Our CoopWorks programme aims to create jobs, shared wealth, protecting workers labor rights and at the same time creating positive social and environmental impact tackling climate change effects.

Coopworks combines traditional business curriculum with cooperative principles to create more resilient jobs in Europe and address #COVID-19 economic impacts.

Programme Benefits

Weekly training sessions

Coaching sessions

Active Slack community

Access to a mentor pool

Our first cohort started in October and ends in December 2020. We designed an online programme for 10 startup teams - 28 participants based in Europe. Our teams are in three stages of development:

Stage 1: four teams in idea stage without clear business models

Stage 2: four teams with prototypes and basic business models

Stage 3: two teams with tested prototypes and more advanced business models

Teams focus on social impact and sustainability in the following areas: co-working spaces in rural areas, job search, nurse’s empowerment, food delivery, energy transition, social movements empowerment and gamification.

But they have in common the following aspects:

  • They have a platform related to the sharing economy, gig economy, marketplace among others, but in general platforms with a network effect.
  • Their platforms have or include cooperative principles, such as: decentralized data, fair algorithms, open source, user / employee-owned, community-based (loyalty and trust), among others.
  • All our startup teams are highly motivated and want to have a meaningful impact.

Our Network

We have a network of around eight coaches and trainers who together with topic experts and investors run the weekly training session and provide further support to startups with their coaching sessions.

Our mentor pool consists of more than 12 mentors, who bridge the cooperative and startup worlds.

Meet Our Mentors

Demo Day

Startup teams get to showcase their projects and progress to which they're dedicating their time. This online event is dedicated to get more prepared for fundraising processes. Startups will pitch their ideas as in a real stage to their peers, CoopWorks’ network, including investors. The event includes one-to-one interaction with relevant actors and teams will get the chance to mingle with and learn from other founders within our mentor pool.

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